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Best Food For Cats

Many people try to find out what is best food for cats. Feline Power Food offers a known species appropriate high-protein diet. Cats can be notoriously finicky, and when they find a dry diet they like, pet parents can only hope that it’s healthy. Thankfully, Only Natural Pet’s Feline Power Food is a dry cat food that’s holistically formulated to perfectly balance taste and nutrition. High-quality animal proteins are always the first three ingredients in Feline Power Food. This allows for a high-protein, species appropriate diet for your cat. Each Power Food recipe is grain and potato free. They feature low-glycemic garbanzo beans as well as omega fatty acid-rich salmon oil, creating a healthy, complete, and balanced meal. Added to this, is Only Natural Pet’s proprietary Power Boost Blend featuring freeze-dried pumpkin, turmeric, as well as green-lipped muscles, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

This is coated on after cooking for high-quality, natural nutrition in every bite. Every Feline Power Food formula features specially chosen, high-quality protein blends to avoid food allergy development and finicky eating behavior. They are complete and balanced and contain no ingredients from China, and that includes vitamins and minerals. Reading food labels is very important when you’re buying food. And also actually feeding the food to your cat. So those are few things that I want to point out to you. Either on the bag and the can. So we’re going to start off with the dry food, first. There is on the side of the bag, there’s a list of ingredients. That are listed in order of amounts. So the biggest ingredient in the food will be first.

And then the smallest ingredient will be last. And most of the time, with cat food. There’s some kind of a protein source, that’s listed first. Such as chicken bi-products or beef bi-products. Depending on what the main protein source is in the diet. And then you can also see, just like in our own food labels. There is some information about how many, how much protein, how much fat, how much carbohydrates. And then a variety of different vitamins and minerals that are included within the diet. So you want to have a look at this. And see if this, the ingredients in the food and the protein source. Match what’s been recommended by your veterinarian. Then the second part on the food bag is often a feeding guide. And it gives, this one gives you a little chart. Where it talks about the weight of the animal.

And then how many cups of food. Or in this case, it also gives grams for those of us who use the metric system. That you should feed in a day. And the thing to remember about this is that it’s just a general guideline. Often times cats, who are indoors will eat much less than the recommended amount of food on the bag. So don’t worry if your cat eats less. Just notice, if it’s healthy. And looking to be a good weight and has a great coat. Then you’re probably feeding just the right amount. Harmful food for cats. We all adore cats. Of course, we’d want nothing less than great meals for them. However, not all food that is good for us is exactly good for them. Let’s take a look at a few kinds of food that are harmful for your cats. First off, cats can’t eat chocolate or any caffeinated food. They contain substances that are poisonous to cats. Puking, increased heart rate, damaged nerve system, and diarrhea are all possible.

Another dangerous food is any kind of grapes or raisins. Due to an unknown toxin in grapes, cats can become depressed, nauseous, restless, and can lead to death. Dairy products can be bad for them as well, which often cause diarrhea in adult cats. Mushroom is a big no-no for cats, leading to shock and eventual death. The final one are yeast breads, which can cause swollen intestines in cats. If you find cats eating any said harmful food, check when and how much they have eaten. Once symptoms are starting to show, bring them to your closest veterinarian immediately. Just by taking care of them in every aspect of their lives, your cats will stay with you forever and after!.

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