How to Give a snow bath to your Cat

Hey what’s up viewers thanks for tuning in to sushi and runt in this video louis goes out in the snow with sam then he gets a bath and then we show you all the cool stuff we got at the Novi Pet Expo check out the links in a video description we are now selling our 2019calendars if you love this channel you’re definitely going to love the calendar and we also have some other options like some posters and some holiday greeting cards.

(In a french accent) oh lala this snow is so deep oh I’m thinking butI smell a cricket there are always crickets in this little garden area hello little cricket hello cricket where are you why do you have to film me I will spot an insect from above where are they snow cricket.

” Host: hey what’s up viewers we are in the process of giving king louie a bath because he has some dermatitis issues it’s seasonal this is not a sponsored video but this is the product we use we get it off of Amazon and it did work the first time we use it and went away for a long time but like I said it’s seasonal and it being winter now and the fact that he and these wrestles with Ramsay so much and they scratch each other and I think that flares up his allergies so we’re letting this sit now and then we’re gonna put him back in the bath and actually you’re gonna see that he’s he’s not that fussy it’s easy to do this with two people we have some picture pictures of warm water ready to go so we’re not making as much noise we heated the room up with the heater.

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so that way it’s extra warm when he comes out of course he doesn’t like it he’s better than most cats though well no no no look at it that’s because Louis used to be an indoor outdoor cat well bath time is all done heater is on bathroom is very warm he’s gonna dry quick he’s just snuggling up with cat mom Trisha nice one dad is the one that poured water on me snug mom she knows.

I love to snuggle alright guys this is after Louis bath later that night oh man he is so silky smooth right now you can see a couple of his gray and white hairs coming through so yeah they are up here on the counter which we will sanitize afterwards but here we go this is our Novi pet expo hall so we got these cool gone to the snow dog stickers Shelby Shiloh Memp his Oakley rest in peace Shiloh and Oakley.

Sam’s down there wants to get in on the action and he will because we have some food here so we have some cat food from Earth born and that is what Ramsay and Louis are eating right now then we have some product from best breed grain free chicken and grain free red meat is that Sam, no , and we have some from nutri source and taste of the wild we also got a few things from the animal emergency center a little clip for the food a lid for cans and then we got a couple of measuring cups for food we got this cool in-case-of-emergency sticker indicate how many pets we have then we got this cool grain free turkey recipe food Sammy’s jealous right now I’m gonna have to open this up and hook him up cuz this stuff looks good just add water.

So maybe I’ll give him some dry to start then we got a nice little beautiful pink fris bee from AEC then we got this four season pet resort toy , here you go buddy then on to the bandanas okay Ramsay she’s like ok I am going to lay on the bandana we got it’s a dog’s life Resort and Spa Four Seasons pet resort and pet Supplies Plus you look like you need a treat, so Louis still going at this and they’re eating their Earth born holistic right now the next item I’m going to show you guys real quick are these smoochies stickers now we purchased two of these they actually hook this up and gave us one and inside of these are two sheets of stickers that are coated with catnip now you can learn more about these smoochies stickers over at pet smooches dot-com.

now you can stick these to like a little piece of origami a little piece of tissue paper the back of your phone if you want your cat to kiss the back your phone and the cat’s did play with it when I first hung them on the wall and I’m going to potentially make a future video withthese I’m gonna give one of these away to a commentor, so make sure to be subscribed hit the thumbs up button and in the comments just say just say hello and I will randomly select someone before Christmas and I’ll send those out can’t guarantee at what time you will receive one but I will send one of these pets smoochies to you oh and I also got these cool little lights here this is gonna begreat. best cat tree ever

I can put one on Sam and we can play with them outside at night and play fetch and all I’m gonna see is a red dot and I’ll also be able to mess with the cats I think I’m gonna put one of these on a string because it kind of looks like a laser light give Sam some of those best breed sam my sit oh you can just have it all you’re too cute.

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