How to Build a Cat Tower

Hello and welcome to a new video where I’m going to build a cat tower.

So last video I made I kind of showed the cat tower in my house tour.

It’s right there and It’s kind of falling apart a little bit Mainly because it’s made out of hot glue and cardboard. So I’ve collected some more boxes from my office and I’m hoping to kind of make a little bit of changes so it won’t break down as fast.

I’ve had it for a few months, so it’s not so bad for cardboard and hot glue. I just want to go through that. Not sure if anybody’s gonna think this video is interesting.

But just in case you have a bunch of paper boxes on your hands and you think ‘hmm my cat would like a tower’ then this is the video for you! Let’s go ahead and introduce you to the old cat tower.

As you can see, it’s made out of two different types of boxes, and I think that’s the main problem. These purple ones are put on their side, which makes them less strong.

Another major flaw is that they split apart And that means whenever my cat crawls up it shakes and ends up falling. I tried to put this. Glue this little thing here to keep it together.

Because these two were not flush with each other They. It fell off and it’s hot glue. What can I expect? Nilu! Nilu-yang~ Nilu Nilu! She doesn’t want to come out and she really has grown to like these little peep holes, So I’m gonna do the same thing, maybe add some more peep holes.

Who knows? But as you see there’s my boxes right now.I don’t really have enough to where I’d like it to be. It’s not ideal, but Whatever it’s good enough! Here’s a really “well drawn” design plan: side and front view.

So it’ll be entrance up da da da da da da obviously, and then this way it’s just for me to know which side I should place everything on *sigh* I’m really good at drawing, guys.

And here’s what you you’ll need: As many cardboard boxes as you’d like high You can figure that out yourself.a knife to cut things with glue for the glue gun, a glue gun, and a pencil to draw the squares.

I’m not gonna really show you step-by-step how to draw and cut squares.You can figure it out. Basically you decide where the holes go. You could be as creative as you want. This is not a tutorial This is just me building one.

0! Wow! The newly shaped entrance! Now cat tower 2.0 is hopefully less destructible Here we have the demon cat Nilu Hiding out in one of the layers of this box.

It’s not as tall as the last one if you compare it over here, But hey What can you do? It took me five minutes to get her up there because she wouldn’t climb up the box to get the treat, so I had to grab her to get it and she thought I was punishing her for something.

So.Now you see she’s on the box. That’s for scale. She’s not the biggest cat. Alright, thanks for watching. Hopefully it was a little interesting seeing me build this. If not, that’s okay. I did this mostly for me and my parents to see, so. Let me know if you think of any improvements for this cat tower Structurally. Because it’s always falling apart. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye *upbeat music playing softly*.

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