Giving Cats Proper Medication

Giving Cats Medicine

There is a proper way on how to give cats medicine. So, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about medication. Has your cat had any medication yet? Not that I’m aware of. Ok. What we like to do at McDonald Animal Hospital, is to try and always send home liquid medications that taste good. But, often times I don’t think that owner’s are able to give medications at home. Because, the kitty cats are so difficult to deal with and they don’t like the taste of it. And, so when we send something home for you we’re going to try send it as a liquid. Like, if we have to give something for the intestinal parasites if they find some. We’re going to probably send a liquid home. So, it will be easy for you to give. But, let me just show you some of the techniques for doing that. When you go ahead and just grab a hold of the head like this, you point the nose up in the air. You can see how the mouth comes open a little bit.

When you point it at the air like that, then you’re going to put a little bit of that liquid that we’re sending home right there. And, you just put it in slowly. Not all at once. And, you’re going to watch the kitty cat start going. And, as the fluid goes down you know the cat’s swallowing it. Now, again it might help to have somebody else hold the cat. You saw Midnight kind of backed up pretty quickly there. And, so the other thing that we like to teach owners is about controlling a kitty cat. If your cat needed to be picked up and put in his box in an emergency, because there was a fire or something it’s perfectly humane to pick a kitty cat up by the scruff of their neck. And, I’ll show you this. Do you see how he just goes catatonic like that? And, you can kind of do anything you want with them. They don’t really know where they are.

And, the reason for that is that’s how their mother would take them from one nest to the next. And, so if they were fighting the mother the predators would just follow them to the next nest. And, so it’s perfectly humane to pick your kitty cat up that way. And, especially in an emergency or if you’re trying to control them to give them medications like that. You really want to try and scruff them and get control over them. I’ll show you again. Because, this kitty cat really does just about go catatonic when you pick him up by that. You pick him up by the neck and you can just see, they’re just ready to go to their next nest. They really don’t know where they are or what they’re doing. And, you can kind of that will help you to control your cat if you want to trim their nails or do something like that with them.

I am here to talk about cat grooming. Okay, as I wind up I would like to go over a few things that I like to say the big don’t in cats. There are a few things that you really really want to avoid in cats and some you really should avoid in cats. The first thing I want to say is never never never give a cat any medication off the counter or at home that contains acetaminophen which is in Tylenol, Excedrin and Vicodan. Tylenol is a common ingredient in many household items and that is so deadly to cats that if they get one dose of it, they will be dead within 48 hours. So that is a biggy. Aspirin is not quite as deadly.

If you gave one, you might get away with it but it would have to be like half a baby aspirin and never more than once and still you should call your doctor because there is a reason if they are needing to take an aspirin and they should never have more than one. Cats don’t process it for 3 days and so if they had another you wouldn’t want to give it for at least 3 days. So the bottom line with that you want to kind of stay away from household things. Another household item if your cat has diarrhea, do not give it Pepto Bismol. Pepto Bismol has an ingredient which turns into aspirin and so it is like giving your cat aspirin every day. So we don’t have anything good over the counter for cats diarrhea anymore.

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