Giving Cat a Waterless Bath

Giving Cats Waterless Bath

Do you want to know what is the best wet cat food for indoor cats. Today we are going to talk about a myth -Cats do not need baths Remember last time our cats went to that boarding place? Now it’s time to pick them up after a week. This neighbor is still here. I think she is more friendly this time Not sure if Mythos, Rini and Jolie made any new friends Oh well. I think it’s time to go Alright, they are all in their carriers of course they will be placed inside of the vehicle later. Just want to make sure that they are not too stressed out They gave us a report card for each cat This is the general comments. Mythos, Jolie and Rini were such sweethearts with us they loved cuddling up their beds and looking out the window at all the birdies.

They really enjoyed meal time (who doesn’t), we cannot wait to have them come stay with us again We are home. Every time they come back from the boarding place we try to make them clean. The question is, do they need to take a bath? I bet you have seen many other cats onYou Tube taking a shower indeed believe it or not, Rini at 11 years old, she only had one shower. It was because she got some detergent on her back when she was in the kitchen. Mythos 10 years old he never had a bath. Jolie since we adopted her three years ago, nope she never took a bath. You may be wondering, will they stink? For people who have cats, you know the answer. For people who don’t have cats? This is a very interesting concept.

Before we have any cats a decade ago we did not believe this. Can you imagine for a human being or dog never took a bath in his life, that would be really horrible. Cat is very different, they come with this automatic self clean feature like the oven in your kitchen. They are so clean and they smell good. Myth is confirmed but it doesn’t hurt to do a waterless bath I am using this foam based product I got from a local pet store. You just put it on like that and do some massage on your cat. I think Jolie is enjoying it Wipe it dry with a towel or paper towel then you’re done with the body Next I used this fragrance free baby wipes for the paws and legs Yes that’s Jolie. Don’t piss off the princess. Alright is done happy cat again Mythos gained some weight because he stole food from our cats at the boarding place.

I was pretty sure about that because there was an extra charge if they’d feed them separately I hope this helps if you want to do a waterless bath with your cats This product Earth bath is made in USA. If you read the back of the label there are some good stuff in there and I have to say that again I am not affiliated with this product or company. I just want to help people with my experience I am pretty sure you can buy it from your local pet supply store or even Amazon Since our cats have been at the boarding place for a week, it’s time to treat them with something nice. This is a very premium can of food. They said it’s human grade.  It is extremely expensive we can only afford once in a while. Of course, they love it.

If you think waterless bath is awesome, give it a thumbs up. Of course you may also want to check our other videos on our channel and I am pretty sure you will find them interesting.

Good morning everyone today we’ll be addressing the subject of cats ideal for living indoors now you’re all capable of thriving as solitary animals so really any moggy or pedigree cat can adapt to living indoors if you’re well cared for and your natural needs are met the golden rule is that so long as opportunities have made to be active to play to interact and to bond with your owners you’ll be absolutely fine but let’s take a look at three breeds who are particularly amenable to life indoors first we have the British Shorthair a quiet and friendly breed who loves to sit on laps short hairs a little on the introverted side at first and then become fiercely loyal the British Shorthair is a great fit for first-time cat owners the Ragdoll described us soft and silky the Rag doll enjoys playtime and is an undemanding breed they adapt well to indoors with their soft voices owners will will take note that they have what can best be described as a healthy appetite and finally the Russian blue an affectionate but independent cat the Russian is well suited to those with busy lifestyles they’re loyal to their owners and they’re plush blue coat needs little maintenance relative to other breeds thank you.

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