Getting Urine Samples from Pets

Urine Samples from Pets

You might be thinking how do vets get a urine sample from cats. To ensure the safety of you and your pet, I recommend if you’ve not already done so, that you first watch our Animal Handling video.

Ok so we are going to get a urine sample, and the variety of ways in which we can obtain urine samples, typically if we’re taking a urine sample from a dog, we tend to use something called a Uri-pet, and that’s a little device like this with a little yellow tube in it, and inside, if we open it up, there’s a container there which just fits on the end of there, and when your dog urinates, be it male or female, all you need to do is just put that underneath there and collect a few drops of urine in the yellow funnel and transfer it into here and put the lid on it, and obviously then we can analyse it.

If it’s an in-house test we might only need just a teaspoon or so, if we’re going to send it off for amore detailed analysis then. In this instance we’re going to be taking a urine sample from a cat, this cat’s my cat Mokoko. Again there are several ways of doing it, we could send him home or he could go home with some non-absorbent cat litter, but unfortunately this little chap doesn’t like using litter trays, he likes to go outside, very private individual so rather than do that I’m going to take it by something called cysto centesis, where we stick a needle into the bladder and we just draw the sample off.

So we’ll have two nurses holding on and we’ll have leg back, just take his head away so we can see it on camera more, ok I’m trying to find his bladder which isn’t easy cause he’s a bit plump, ok just take his head round, then we’ve got him on the camera a bit more, come on my little friend we could feel it a moment ago, alright little fella, well done, there’s a good fella, well done,there’s a good boy, he’s a bit plump, it wasn’t easy to find was it, no, there. As always, if having watched this video you have any questions or if you encounter any difficulties performing the procedure, then please phone or email the surgery.

I’m going to answer your question about how we get urine from your cat or dog? The most common way we do it is through something called Cysto centesis which means, sticking a needle right into the bladder and sucking the urine right out it sounds terrible but to you it’s terrifying the animal, really not a big deal. It’s about like getting any other shot. what we usually do is we take them somewhere where we actually have an ultrasound so we can visualize and exactly see where the bladder is and once they’re in that trough they just kind of like, “Oh, this is kind of comfy. ” We look and see where we’re going to go make sure that we can visualize the bladder and then go right in and pull the urine out.

It takes a few seconds and they’re done and then we can look afterwards and make sure that there’s no problem as well. If the cat is very fractious so if it’s really scared sometimes we’ll just have them lay on their side which is much easier for a cat and if you can feel it if you can actually palpate that bladder it’s extremely safe and if we go from the side down in there’s not much that we’re going to hit that’s going to be a problem. If they’re on their back and we go in that way without visualizing what we’re looking at that could be a problem. If they wiggle around there are some important structures down there that could be injured.

If they’re really nervous about having anything done to them especially cats that get so freaked out and for their safety and for the safety of the technicians and the veterinarian, we will sometimes sedate them. We can try to follow them around and catch a sample once in a while I’ll even ask clients to do this. To catch a first sample of the morning. we don’t always do this because we want the sample as sterile as possible. if it’s coming out through the external genitalia that can cause some contamination Here’s a little trick that you can do if you do need to collect urine.

One way to do it is to use a ladle. Walk behind them and then when they start to go instead of rushing up with a jar and scaring them You just sort of calmly stick a little ladle under there and you don’t need to get very much just a ladle full is way more than enough. In cats if we need to catch a sample and their too nervous or too angry with us. We will put them in a nice quiet cage and we’ll put them in a litter box with litter that doesn’t absorb anything so that when they go we can just dump it out.

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