Cats Hating Water

Cats Hating Water

why do cats hate water. This is one of the most searched for questions on the internet, so, in today’s video, we are going to give it an answer! There is no animal with a better bearing than cats, but, it’s also true that there is nothing less elegant than a wet cat. Water doesn’t look good on them, at all.  Even though there are SOME cats that do like water, most of them hate it. Today, we are going to tell you why kitties don’t enjoy getting wet. Scientists think it’s likely that cats’ aversion to water comes from their ancestors and their original habitat. Cats have always lived in deserts, so they didn’t really have much contact with water. They never needed to confront it nor learn how to swim.

There are studies that prove that house cats’ closest relatives are the wild cats in Africa and Europe, and the chinese desert cat. Ever since humans started domesticating cats, we have protected them from any harshness, so they didn’t need to adapt to water. Even though house cats can swim, most of them don’t like it, since they don’t enjoy being in constant movement – they find it tedious and exhausting. Also, with the hair type, it’s difficult for them to get dry. However, there are felines (fílains) in the world that are perfect swimmers, such as the Turkish Van or the fishing cat. Cats owners can also get them used to the water by giving them baths since they are little. However, it’s not recommended – doing it can dry up their skin and get rid of essential pheromones to communicate with other felines.

Also, our cats can stay clean on their own thanks to their saliva and rough tongue. If you have an adult cat and you’ve never bathe him, DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING, they turn into real gremlins. Claws and teeth everywhere! While watching this video, you are probably thinking about your cat spending hours looking at the water dripping from the tap, touching the water in the bathtub with his paws and licking from it. Truth is, it’s not water cats are interested in. They are interested in the light, the noise and the movement – they sense those drops as a potential prey.

First of all, scientists contend that cats dislike of water comes from house cat owners shielding them from the elements – water since the earliest periods of domestication.

This can also be traced to their ancestors – wild cats in Europe, Africa and China desert who live in dry climates and therefore did not require adapting and evolving to deal with water.

Secondly cats spent almost half of their waking hours grooming themselves so bathing them is equal to ruining their hard work and also cats are sensitive to odour and it’s speculated that the cat may not like the scent from chemicals from bath water.

Thirdly, the top layer of the fur of cats is resistant to some extent but they become waterlogged when they are exposed to large amounts of water this weighs them down and wets furs are also cold and since the furs don’t dry quickly it becomes uncomfortable for the cats, they therefore relate exposure to water to be an unpleasant experience Finally, cats that aren’t used to water also shy away from it because cats are creatures of habits and typically don’t enjoy surprises but cats that have received regular baths since Kitten hood on their own terms will love to play with water.

But what about the fear of being wet by cat? Usually cat is very scared And most afraid it seems to be water Pet cat is very difficult to bath. While he does not feel afraid to sink because they know to swim But still why the cat never wants to be wet. In ancient times, when the tradition of cathedral was established, it has been kept away from water. This could be a reason for this that pussy looks very cold anyway! This cat’s habit is considered old. This generation of cat is found in Asia and Africa China’s deserted cat is very famous Water is not shown in this kind of cat environment So he did not even learn how to deal with water Lion and leopard in the forest do not like to go to the water Because crocodile there is a danger to them But Turkey’s van cat is different from them.

This cat breed began around Van Lake in Turkey. There is a severe heat in this place To avoid heat, it leads to water That’s why the cat is eager to swim in the water If you also have a cat And she runs away from the bath. So you need to handle it Sit your cat in the blank tub And keep in mind that the cat is calm at this time Then take semi-heating towel on her hair. And Slowly Slowly fill the tub with semi-warm water. Water twice after using shampoo Then dry it with a towel.

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