Cats getting the Required Fat

Cats getting the Required Fat

A question arises how do cats get fat. A little box flavor And a little. Good morning! Today I Wait Today I shoot with goat. Because I love cats. And what my cat loves is a snack I was worried about what content to shoot with the cat. I’m a deacon and I’m thinking about eating Letty’s favorite snack. Sometimes I see an animal snack report A person snack or not? Good fragrance. There’s only one ingredient. I just wanted to try it. So today I’m going to eat the tre And now, it’s just because I wanted to eat it. The first snack I’ll try is a weak snack. I have some snacks behind me. And I will score 0-10. I could get a negative score. The first snack is yoga. Some things that are different from human anchovies It says it’s as salty as possible. Usually it’s a lot of salt. Let’s try it ~ I seem interested.

But I think it’s a little hard on Yeti. It smells fishy (is not it?) I’m interested, but I think the anchovies are too stiff. I do not want to be rubbed on my face. Now I’ll try it! It smells like anchovies. Let’s see what’s different from the anchovies we eat. It’s really just anchovy. It is a real taste of anchovies (rightly) It’s the same thing. (Talk to Yeti) Is this okay for a snack? Top I just like it better than anchovies. It’s low-salt. But there’s a little salt in it. But he did not eat it, so it looks like he got a 5/10 score. I’ll give you 9/10. So this is a snack. Does it contain tuna? American candy tootsie roll fragrance I do not think I smell it. Originally a tuna killer, but I do not like this. Real ah I can not taste Muraun Was not the dough in the oven just dry? That’s the flavor. This is an anchovy brand, Halmy Miyo. It’s just a chicken slice It’s like a chicken jerky. Hey, you like it very much. I think it gives 8/10 points. Yes. Very good. I think 8 points are right.

Now I’m going to eat. I do not see any other material. It contains vitamins c and e. It smells like ramen. It’s just like a jerky jerky. The best jerky jerky in the world But he really likes it. It seems to give you a 10-point mark. I’ll give you 4/10. It’s not just bad. This hemi myeol snack line is okay with people snacks. Now the next snack is my cat’s snack. I think I’m eating 2-3 caps a month in a pack. I like it very much, and it is easy for me to give it because it is clean (not moist) Sometimes, when you do not feed, you mix it together and you eat well. It is a famous snack favorite by the goat, but is it delicious for people? Let ‘s take a look. Something is biscuit smelly. This is a real killer. If it sounds a temp, it runs out of the room. There’s something moist inside. It says salmon. It’s not salty.

A little box flavor A little bit It does not really taste. But cats like it. Here’s a snack. Cats say they have the nutrients they need. As people need vitamins, cats have essential nutrients. It’s a lamb tasty (happiness) I did not mention the temptation score I just had, The good thing about this snack is that it has various shapes. Maybe it’s a bowling pin (maybe not) Yogar is a block, with two holes. The real taste of delicious cheese Flour mixed taste. All snacks taste like 10 years old flour. I do not like it. I’ll give you 0.5 / 10. Of course, Yeti will give you 10 points. I did not buy one. It’s called a car where cats can drink. I’ll give it to you first. Strangely, I like the smell. And it’s packed in tea bags. Yeti’s a little crazy. It looks like. So let me just try it. Cat says it contains ingredients that make cats crazy. Yeti does not seem interested in drinking and wants to play with it. A little chamomile / mint tea fragrance (I expect a little) It’s a bit of soap. No taste. It tastes like a little chamomile, but it does not taste like a star.

Cats have a very strong smell. The next snack is Yeti’s best snack. It is a snack that seems delicious even if people eat it. There is just one ingredient: freeze-dried Blowfish It’s a freeze-dried fugu 100 pro and a snack that says no other Yeti loves it. and low fat too! I really like it.20 out of 10 points Freeze-dried. It looks like a real desert. It is very delicious! It is really delicious and it is very good, It’s a delicious low-fat snack for people. Before the last snack, the yogurts are handmade specialties It contains salmon and other ingredients. It contains carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and rice flour. I think something’s delicious. Oh, eat it! At first, I just gave it, and I did not eat it. It looks like the salmon on the top. Salmon is really dry (not freeze dried) And it tastes bad. It looks like a sweet potato.

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