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Let’s talk about homemade diets for cats.

There are a few reasons why a cat may need to go on a homemade diet and that’s always going to be directed by your veterinarian so if that case comes up they can direct you as far as ingredients and things like that.

We use homemade diets for cats that have severe best wet cat food allergies let’s say, cats that have inflammatory bowel syndrome, also cats that have weight problems that we’re trying to do let’s say a reducing diet on or a reduced calorie diet and so there are recipes that your veterinarian can provide for you that you have to specifically make at home.

That can be challenging and some cats being cats and being finicky may not always just easily turn to a homemade diet but work with your veterinarian on these types of aspects if your cat does need a homemade diet.

A lot of homemade diets are based around rice.

Rice is typically kind of bland and easily digestible and not very stimulating as far as allergies are concerned and so rice is a component to a lot of those, white rice that is. Food Guide for Cat

Potassium chloride is given a lot of times as a salt substitute for cats as well as vegetable oil and bone meal.

There has to be calcium in homemade diets as well to provide for that calcium for those bones and so those are some of the common ingredients that are involved.

Obviously there is a protein base such as lamb or chicken or something like that that can be directed by your veterinarian. You can choose from some best cat litter box by click here.

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