Caring for New Cats & Kittens : Cat Food Tips

At McDonald animal hospital we think it’s just incredibly important what you feed your animals, and so we’re going to go over some of the things with this new owner and this new kitty cat about diet, and how the best ways to feed her kitty.

What have you been feeding your cat so far? So far science diet kitten. Good that’s an excellent choice.

We find that there’s probably about four really really good premium foods that we like. I like to divide all foods into kind of two groups, those that are market driven, and those that are research driven.

The research diets are the ones that people spend a lot of money, sometimes four or five years, learning how to formulate this diet.

So if something changes in the marketplace, the really good quality diets aren’t going to change the ingredients because they have too much research behind them. cat tree for fat cats 

A lot of the other companies that have all of the marketing behind it, and they put certain colors in, and say new, and put it at the eye level in the grocery store so that you can pick it out. They also do what I call cheating. They make them taste good.

Which is totally unfair to the owner, and it’s totally unfair to the cat because what it takes to make it tastes good is to make it high in fat or sugar or protein, and so that’s not really good for your cat.

I like to say to pet owners that you wouldn’t go to your pediatrician and say, “you know we tried those vegetables and meat thing, and our child just likes the ice cream so that’s all we’ve been feeding it.

” But people do that with their pets all the time and so it’s kind of funny to me that because the cat can’t talk to you, and because there is not enough information out there, people kind of make some bad choices about diet. But what you’ve already chosen is really good.

Now we’re going to send some home with you, and we like, we have this little starter package, and we have some science diet kitten,and this is the dry, and I’d like to send that one home with you. Again, it’s never a good idea to change suddenly from one diet to another.

A lot of people have to make choices between feeding wet and dry, and I find that usually the cats will make that choice, and I think that both foods are equally good as long as plenty of water is present.

But, some cats like the cat canned better than the dry, and some cats like dry better than the canned,and often when they are young like this they eat both and then they pick and choose laterin their life.

So now when your cat’s growing, it’s probably good to offer both.

And the other thing that I like to do and Hills has been good about putting this in the bag too,is to measure the food that your cat gets.

At first because your cats growing rapidly,and also your cat is very active, free choice feeding, that means just leaving some dry out all the time for your cat I think is important.

As long as the cats not overweight, which could happen about a year of age if we continue feeding this way, then at least your cat is getting adequate nutrition.

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